3 Handy Tools To Easily Manage Your PDFs

3 Handy Tools To Easily Manage Your PDFs

Managing tons of PDF files is challenging, especially if you don’t know what tools to use in splitting, converting, or compressing them. But with this article, we will provide some tools to make your life more convenient and easy. So here are the handy tools to manage your PDF files easily.


First on the list that we need to tackle is this software. PDFBear is among those online tools that you can use to split PDF file easily. Besides the mentioned tool, you can also convert, merge, unlock, compress, or protect your PDF documents using PDFBear. This platform is online-based; that is why users across the globe can access it whenever, wherever they are. Every feature that the PDFBear offers will provide a guide that people can easily follow and perform.

If your goal is to split a PDF file, you have to upload the file, and in a few seconds, you can start using those individual documents. That’s how easy it is to use this software. Aside from the handy features, PDFBear will guarantee that all your files are safe with them, and after an hour, every file will be removed from the server. Users can also use PDFBear in Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems, and they can also access the software on mobile devices with an internet connection.

Nice PDF Compressor

When you want to know the best compression tool, you should always consider how the output’s quality would turn out. And Nice PDF software assures you that. Although you want to have that kind of quality, this software makes you pay for its great tools or features. However, Nice PDF Compressor has a command-line version so that every process you make is fast and convenient.

If you want to compress tons of your PDF files at a time and in one process so you can save a lot of both your time and effort, then you are in the right software because they have that feature. By applying algorithms like the Flate or RunLenght to help compress the files, you will be assured that your PDFs are decreased to the smallest size. Also, once you have the Nice PDF software, they will continuously update you with the latest news about PDFs to have a better experience.

Cisdem Online PDF Compressor

This software, unlike most PDF handling tools, is only available for users of MAC. And Cisdem is a user-friendly compressor. However, this tool offers a satisfying compression process for its users that other tools can’t do. Also, Cisdem can simultaneously compress multiple PDF files in one process. And even after its operation, all your PDF files will retain its quality just like the original.

You may have to register and pay for its service, but it ensures users that their tools’ quality will not make you feel even a bit of dismay.  The compressing process is comfortable, simple, and fast. Even though some people recently discovered this software and their first time utilizing Cisdem, they will not experience even a slight difficulty. All you just need to do is several clicks to execute the compressing process, and your work is ready. You’re now ready to receive the file, download them to your device, and share it with others.


PDF managing tools are beneficial devices for people who always encounter or handle PDF files. There might be times that you need to compress or split your PDF files; the process will be more straightforward if you use the right tools. Use all the online software from this guide and make your life more comfortable in handling PDFs.


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