Mobile Application Security – Need of the Hour Along With Best Practices

Mobile Application Security – Need of the Hour Along With Best Practices

Nowadays many of the consumers are dependent upon several kinds of applications for their daily transactions and operations. These kinds of applications also provide proper features so that overall safety and security related goals of the individuals are very easily achieved. Another important aspect associated with the application developers is that security-related measures and practices are very much important to be implemented along with applications. In case such applications are not safe and secure then hackers will gain unauthorized access and can lead to several kinds of losses for the companies as well as users. Hence, this is the main reason there is a diehard need for mobile app security.

Following are some of the risks which are associated with mobile applications:

-The injection of codes: Many of the user forms can be very easily used in injecting several kinds of codes so that hackers can access the server data. Many of the applications also do not restrict the characters because it will allow the hackers to inject the code into login form which will provide them complete access to the private information of the users.

-The applications should focus upon encryption: Encryption can be termed as the method in which transportation of the data can be done in this ciphered code so that users cannot access it without the matching of data along with a secret key. These kinds of applications are also based upon great risk as it can directly expose. So, this concept should be made sure that everything is safe and secure all the time.

 -The risk of the mobile botnets: There are several kinds of issues in which application becomes frozen and whenever the infected device will be connected to the internet it will always start sending to information to the hackers. Hence, everything will be implemented through the servers because actors will have proper access to the devices.

 –The case of binary based planting: In this particular option the hackers will be putting several kinds of things and files in a single local file based system of all the devices that will help to provide proper control over the complete device. Ultimately the whole concept will be associated with the SMS and security of the devices. Once the codes are revealed, then the hackers can have complete access to the devices of users.

 Some of the practices which the companies have to incorporate to make sure that their applications are safe and secure to be used by the users very well are mentioned as follows:

 -They must enhance the the data security: Implementation of proper guidelines associated with the data security will always help in making sure that applications are safe and secure and are very well about it from the hackers. It will also include well-implemented data encryption because data transfer will be undertaken very well and guidelines related to iOS and Android should be very well followed.

 -Users should avoid the practice of saving the passwords: Some of the users have the option and habit of saving the passwords on the applications so that they are not required to login to the application time and again. This particular concept can lead to several kinds of issues which is the main reason the application developers should come up with these kinds of advanced measures so that user’s devices and applications are the same. One should always develop the practice of logging in time and again so that in case the mobile has been lost password can be changed from the browser.

 -Multifactor authentication should be considered in terms of applying it: The application developers should go with the option of application of the multifactor authentication so that there is an extra layer of high end security for the application whenever the users try to log in. This will also help in making sure that all the weak passwords are dealt very sending a secret code to the users which have to be entered with the entering of the password so that users can log in. Hence, these kinds of codes will be delivered through email and SMS which will remove well no issues with the security of the application. The whole concept will also be based upon the element of guessing from the whole process and will make sure that everything is perfectly implemented and is safe and secure.

 -The individuals should also avoid usage of personal devices at workplaces: It is also very common practice that people prefer to take their devices on the workplaces and even the employers force some of the employees to bring their personal laptops so that official tasks can be efficiently performed. But bringing the devices to the offices can lead to several kinds of issues and can even cause infection to all the devices with the introduction of malware and Trojans. Hence, it is very much important to avoid all these kinds of practices and the individuals should keep personal things personal and professional things professional so that all the devices are Very well protected and the people should also go with the option of installation of the antivirus on the devices to make sure that safety and security are ensured all the time.

 -Session log out should be enforced: The application developers should also come with several kinds of practices which will make sure that applications logout themselves whenever there is a certain period of inactivity from the end of users. This concept will always help in making sure that payment-related applications are very well protected and people do not have any kind of burden or risk associated with the whole thing. The developer should also focus on developing several kinds of sessions that terminate themselves so that there is no issue to the nature status and security of the people. On the other hand, the user should also take the responsibility of terminating the sessions on their own whenever the tasks associated with the whole thing has been performed.

 Hence, the developer should also focus on addressing these kinds of issues so that mobile app security can be improved and user’s confidence can be maintained.


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