Nose Pin Is More Than A Piece of Jewellery: How?

Nose Pin Is More Than A Piece of Jewellery: How?

Getting yourself a nose piercing can sound similar to just another kind of body modification or body piercing. Wearing a nose pin has got a lot of advantages and disadvantages and is done about the latest trends in fashion but you will be surprised to know that getting a nose piercing can have a lot of health benefits. Earlier, it was widely famous in countries like Pakistan, India, and a lot of states in the African continent too.

However, in present times, it has become popular worldwide and is playing an active role in the jewellery trend. This jewellery piece plays a key role in the lives of women because it improves their personality and enhances other facial features which further give a unique look to the woman. For checking out the latest design of gold earrings, search more online websites.

If you want to know the ways by which a nose pin can improve your appearance then, read ahead:

Makes your face look sharp

People with a long face can go for a studded nose or beaded nose pin because it will make your face look edgier which will make its length appear less and will further transform the complete look of the face. You can either choose a nose pin with a single bead or stone or maybe you can choose one with multiple stones or beads.

  • Subtle appearance 

Nose pins can be the most ideal option for the people who have never got a piercing before, but just need a simple design to make it easy to carry for the person wearing it. This piece of jewellery provides you a unique look and also helps you in coping up with your new looking face.

  • Doesn’t make your face look wide 

People who have wider nostrils oftentimes think that piercing their nose will make it look weird, but this is a wrong thought. Piercing the nose can make the wide nose look much narrow and such people should go for the Septum piercing if possible. This nose pin design piercing fills up the void in between your nostrils and makes it appear smaller.

  • Cultural customs 

Wearing a nose pin is a popular custom in many countries, including India and it plays an essential role in the trend of jewellery. It is even considered to signify that a woman is married. This is a very popular belief, but the major part of this jewelery piece is that it beautifies the appearance of an Indian bride.

  • Makes your face look slim

Women who have an oval-shaped face with heavy facial structure prefer something which can make their face appear slimmer and this can be ideally accomplished by wearing a partially beaded nose pin.

Nose pins are capable of making you look unique and stylish but it is equally important to select the proper metal for the jewellery piece which can be suitable to your skin because if you don’t take proper care, it may result to an infection which will further cause dark spots on your nose. Hence, it is recommended to be conscious while choosing the metal type and you should also clean your jewellery and piercing as regular as possible.


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