Real Estate Advertising Ideas – 5 Unique Advertising Options

Real Estate Advertising Ideas – 5 Unique Advertising Options

Building a strong customer base within real-estate is not an easy task. These days, people are mistaken with the concept of placing ads on any real estate website, thinking that might increase in getting more leads for their business.

Well, that’s not true. If you are willing to increase your property sales or generate more leads, you need to be creative with your ads. Rather than just applying simple textual ads, you can go for a variety of different and unique real estate advertising options.

Five unique real estate advertising options

Mentioned below are five different and unique real estate advertising ideas that will surely boost your business.

As ads are the first thing that anyone will notice, they need to be visually appealing and should also call to action.  

  1. Create a video snap of your house- Nothing serves better than video marketing these days. With the walkthrough video of your home, any random person is going to watch the video. Even if he or she might haven’t planned anything to buy after seeing the video, they would love to because they can see your property in the natural video form.
  2. Take benefit from the latest social media memes- Why not? Every business is trying out this idea to generate more leads for their business. There is an excellent variety of memes available from Hollywood to Bollywood. You can choose any depending on the design of your graphics.
  3.  Instead of an image portfolio, go to a video portfolio- These days, drone experts Melbourne have started using drones to capture their properties’ exotic view. This will help impress the clients or the buyers immediately as they can get the strange idea of your stuff and the amenities.
  4.  Create free offers to collect unlimited verified email addresses- These days. Many websites, blogs, and shopping portals have started offering free trial free newsletters and open sign-ups. This way, you can get the user’s email address. You can later use these email addresses to send your property details. This way, you will be generating more leads for your business with unique real estate advertising.
  5.  Go to responsive drone photography- To make your real estate portfolio looks stunning and impress your clients at once, you need to use this Technique. This idea can serve you as an excellent mine to generate massive leads. The drone experts Melbourne uses this Technique wisely to expand their business.


The only thing you need to focus on while creating the real estate advertising campaign is that you need to be creative rather than regular. Experiment with your ideas and trust me to generate a more significant number of leads. Also, make sure you are always consistent with your thoughts and do not just drop after implementing them once, as this may elevate your customer base in the real estate negatively, leading to a drop of leads.


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