Reasons Converting HTML to PDF with GogoPDF is the Best Choice

Reasons Converting HTML to PDF with GogoPDF is the Best Choice

As enterprises enter the digital scene, the roles of IT professionals widens. They have become vital in marketing, web designing, and other business operations. However, with some many talented HTML programmers today, they must be able to present their codes and protect it. One way to do that is by turning those web pages into PDFs.

If you’re an IT engineer who mastered the arts of HTML coding, it’s better to pitch your ideas to companies who are looking for someone just like you. The perfect tool to transform your HTML codes into any document files is GogoPDF, and here’s why.

Easy Conversion

Years ago, converting HTML to PDF was an arduous task for anyone because of the lack of free converters online. Some of them even have to download software, which often contains harmful files that will damage your computer, laptop, and even your handphones.

GogoPDF will save you from all the trouble, as it has every PDF conversion tool you need. If you’re a professional, you will definitely adore GogoPDF’s HTML to PDF converter. Unlike other online and downloadable converting tools, you can get your results in the nick of time by just following four simple steps.

Open GogoPDF’s website and click “HTML to PDF.” Next, paste the URL of your web page or any HTML file and click the “Convert to PDF” button. After waiting for a couple of seconds, your file is ready for download. It’s easy, right? You can even ask your siblings or friends to do this when you’re in a rush!

Automatic Settings

One thing we despised about online and downloadable converters is the sizing. We need to change everything from the fonts, spacing, page size, and more! However, with GogoPDF, you won’t have to customize settings and every bit of detail to your PDF.

It has an automatic conversion feature that will do all the resizing and editing for you. GogoPDF makes sure that your website or your HTML layout sample can be appropriately viewed by whoever you present it to. If you’re in a pinch, just use the web-based conversion tool’s HTML to PDF feature, and you will be ready for your presentation in no time!

Multi-Browser Compatibility

For downloadable PDF converters, operating system compatibility may become an issue, making our lives less easy. We have already exposed our laptops and computers to possible harmful files, and we can’t even use the tool. But with GogoPDF, compatibility issues will never be a hindrance to your work.

IT professionals are always on the clock, so if possible, lessening their burden even to the tiniest process can help them big time! Since GogoPDF is web-based, it works perfectly with all operating systems in the market, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Since it’s web-based, another question comes to mind: will it work on all browsers? Or is it only accessible with Google Chrome and Safari? The answer will blow your mind! GogoPDF’s HTML to PDF feature works in popular browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome, and Safari.

Data Security

If you’re still not convinced of using the conversion tool, this factor will send you flying to GogoPDF’s website. As an IT professional, cybersecurity is something you do not take lightly, and so is GogoPDF. They have made a security policy that will assure you to keep your data safe against hackers.

As part of GogoPDF’s security policy, it automatically deletes everything you have uploaded in an hour. That gives you ample time to retrieve your data or make multiple downloads of your PDFs, and it also keeps your critical data safe. The web-based conversion tool is committed to protecting users’ privacy.

Cloud Storage and Sharing

The compatibility will never be an issue with GogoPDF. After it delivers high-quality webpage PDFs, you will never have to download or install any program to save your files. You can even download and open it on multiple platforms, so you will not have to go through the lengthy series of downloads and uploads.

GogoPDF promises you safety, accessibility, and effortless conversion that will fit your every need, and this goes the same for your HTML to PDF conversions. After your webpage has been processed, you are given three functional options for download.

First, you can download it directly to your Dropbox account. The second option would save it directly to your Google Drive. If you want to free your devices from files, these two download options are the way to go!

You can always opt for a straightforward web to device storage-saving by just clicking the blue button with the “Download” sign. The fourth option is to share your PDF. Yes, that’s right! You can share your files with your colleagues without even downloading the file yourself.

You can click the copy button or copy the URL manually under the “Get Shareable Link” n to send it to your colleagues on messaging apps or tap the “Share via Email” option so that they can download the files themselves. The link is available for 14 days. Thus, the files can be redownloaded within the timeframe.

After Download Options

We are frequently required to do a few more touches to our files for added protection and identification. The HTML to PDF conversion provides us with a couple more editing options before we download our files.

You can turn your PDF web pages into JPG for easier access to mobile devices and more comfortable viewing for your clients too. To give your PDF an added layer of protection, you can add a password by clicking the “Protect PDF” option or by just adding your brand via “Add Watermark.” Lastly, you also have the option to compress your PDF file.

Before downloading your file, you also have the option to compress it. Moreover, if you feel happy about the GogoPDF’s service, you can share this tool with your friends on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit!


HTML to PDF conversion should never be a tiresome and unsafe feat for our fellow IT professionals. With GogoPDF, the conversion is just a couple of clicks away. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, a laptop, or a mobile device to convert your files in an instant!


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