Simple Tricks to Prepare for GMAT Guantitative Section

Simple Tricks to Prepare for GMAT Guantitative Section

The quantitative section of the GMAT exam is considered to be the most daunting and notorious section of the exam. Aspirants may come across many myths like the exam tests advanced math concepts and that it is difficult to get a perfect score. Nevertheless, by building your understanding of the quantitative section, you can prepare effectively and efficiently for this section. GMAT coaching in Chennai can be extremely helpful for candidates who wish to appear for this exam.

The GMAT quantitative section tests the student’s ability to analyze data and draw conclusions from a given set of data. It is meant to test the reasoning skill and quickness of the candidate. The quantitative section is the third section of the test and generally, there are 31 multiple choice questions in this section that the candidate must solve within sixty-two minutes. Your final score in this section will depend on the number of questions you attempt, the number of questions you can answer correctly and the level of difficulty of the questions.

You should be clear about your high school math topics like decimals, percentages, factors, integers, algebraic equations, etc. Your knowledge and expertise on these topics will easily help you to crack the quantitative section of the GMAT exam.

The first step towards preparing this section is to identify the basic math topics that you need to cover and then devote sufficient time to each topic. Your understanding of the topics must be crystal clear because in the exams you will apply these concepts to solve the questions. The practical application of concepts will not be possible if the theory itself is not clear. This might be a painstakingly slow process but you will thank yourself for doing this when you sit for the final paper.

GMAT coaching in Chennai conducts online or offline practice tests to help you understand where you stand. This will give you an idea of whether you have understood your topics and teach you how to divide your time between the questions so that you can complete the paper on time. There are many coaching classes available where they test your preparation level regularly or you can opt for free online tests and practice papers, depending on your choice.

You should devote some time to analyze your test results to understand where you went wrong and identify your weak spots. Afterward, you must eliminate those weak spots by paying more attention to them and use interesting ways to make those topics fun, like using flashcards or spreadsheets. Monitoring your progress will make you feel exam ready when the time comes

For many people, the data sufficiency problems are the most difficult in the quantitative section. Most students have never seen such a question before in their life and it takes some getting used to. However there are many tricks and shortcuts which student can use to ace these questions. Using the correct resources we can prepare for the quantitative section of GMAT with ease.


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