What are Heart Diseases?

What are Heart Diseases?

Heart Diseases involve the range of conditions that will affect the heart of the person. It will cover down blood vessel diseases which include coronary artery disease with heart rhytm problems. It will also cover down heart defects which are found in person when they were born. Heart diseases are also known as Cardio vascular diseases which involve such conditions that will involve narrowed and blocked blood vessels.  This problem will also leads to heart attack or chest pain along with stroke.

Heart conditions will also affect muscles along with valves and rhythm. It can be easily prevented with healthy life style choices.   Apart from that there are many reputed hospitals which are providing the facility of cardiac treatment in India. Most of the patients will avail this facility living in any part of the India.

 What are the main symptoms of heart diseases?

Symptoms of heart diseases are different for both men and women. Men will be suffering from chest pain while the women will be facing the symptoms of chest discomfort. They will also notice shortness of breath along with nausea and fatigue. Apart from that it will cover down:-

  1. Chest pain along with chest tightness and discomfort.
  2. Pain, weakness and coldness in legs and arms.
  3. Pain in the neck, jaw and upper abdomen.

There are some steps through which you can easily lower your heart diseases. It will cover down

    1. Smoking- Person should quit smoking as there are much chances of heart attack.
  • Cholesterol level- If you are having cholesterol level over 200 then you will get more chance of having heart diseases.
  • High blood pressure- It is important for the person that they should control high blood pressure which is the most common risk factor. Person should go for exercise and planned good eating habits along with avoiding salt.
  • Active- It is important for men and women that they should remain active throughout the day. If person will not move for exercise then there are more chances for heart diseases.
  • Healthy diet- Person should follow healthy diet which is good for the heart. They should eat more fruits along with vegetables. They should also go for fiber rich food which is good for cholesterol level.
  • Weight- It is important for the person that they should maintain their weight properly. Losing extra weight is also good for the heart. It will also help in lowering the high blood pressure.  On the other hand it will also help in managing the diabetes.
  1. Stress and anger- Every person is having stress and anger from their daily routine. It is important for the person that they should manage their stress and anger properly which will not affect their health. If these all points will be taken carefully by person then they will reduce heart diseases.

Thus we can easily see the different types of heart diseases which can be easily lower down by adopting some important steps. Apart from that best cardiology hospital in India will help the person to take the treatment better.


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