Why Companies Make Online Virtual Magazines

Why Companies Make Online Virtual Magazines

More and more Dutch companies are choosing to create online magazines. The advent of online tools makes creating your own magazine easy. Online magazines offer many advantages to overprint. In this way it saves costs and an online publication saves the environment compared to a print edition. In many cases, a printed magazine ends up unread in the trash. That is of course a shame. In addition, the effect of such an online magazine is easily measurable and it is a scalable solution. An extra “copy” of an online magazine is practically free of extra costs.

The advantages of an online edition compared to a traditional print edition are probably easy to imagine. But what do companies use these online magazines for?

To inform

An online magazine is an ideal way to inform people. You have a fixed, recognizable form for your information. Something with a cover, some pages, and a back cover. There is structure and reading order. This makes it an accessible medium.

Providing information with an online magazine has a number of important advantages over a print version. For example, you have more ways to add extra information because you are not bound to a number of pages. There are also options to link to external websites or to load external content via a popup. All possibilities to provide better and more comprehensive information to the readers.


Everyone knows the beautiful glossy magazines that some furniture or electronics stores make. They are sometimes referred to as “inspiration magazines”. They are still widely released for one simple reason: it works. Many consumers love to look at beautiful images of products at their leisure and imagine what it is like to own them. People see it and want it.

An online magazine makes inspiring a lot easier. Aided by functions such as video and animations, you can really create an experience with an online edition that suits your product.

To sell

Inspiring people is important, but the end goal will in most cases be a sale. A big advantage of an online magazine or digital brochure is that you can let people click through to the order page immediately. The inspiration magazine thus becomes an integral part of the sales process. Because you can also measure the effects well, it is easier to optimize the conversion. A good reason why companies use magazines for sales.

Customer loyalty

You must cherish existing customers. Make sure they really feel a connection with your company. To achieve this, it is important to maintain regular contact. Most companies choose the means of the e-mail newsletter for this. But most consumers’ inboxes are bulging with commercial newsletters. How do you stand out among all those mailings? With an online magazine!

If you receive an email announcing the new magazine at fixed intervals, it is a lot more relevant and interesting than the deluge of advertising emails. A magazine is a form that invites you to browse. Most people briefly scan a newsletter. A magazine, on the other hand, arouses curiosity. Many people will open the magazine anyway.

There are a number of reasons why a magazine gets more people to click through than a link to a blog. First, the medium is often more visually oriented than a blog. In that respect, completely aimed at the modern online consumer. A blog usually consists mainly of text supplemented with images, while in many magazines the opposite is the case.

In addition, a magazine has more appeal than a blog. A blog is fleeting. Something you usually read during a lost moment. For a magazine, you take the time to go through it. A good magazine is something that is not on digital doormat every week. That is an added value within an online landscape where new blogs are published 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Existing consumers are overloaded with communications. A good magazine creates a moment of attention to your company at fixed points during the year. Ideal for effectively approaching existing customers and thus maintaining contact.

Create your own online magazines?

Curious about the possibilities to get started with a digital magazine yourself? FlipHTML5 is among the best software that too offered as free as well. The PDF magazines are sort of boring but you can create virtual magazines that are very interactive within a few moments where you can insert various formats.  



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