5 reasons you should put Chennai on your travel list

5 reasons you should put Chennai on your travel list

You can’t take Indian culture out of the cities like Chennai. With a rich culture, heritage, religion, cinema, and food like no other in India, there’s an undeniable warmth in the city. The colours are so vibrant that it adds beauty to your canvas. Many people fly from different parts of the country to Chennai in order to taste the culture of Chennai. More often than not many Chennai to Delhi flights have more northerners returning back rather than southerners going to the north.  This clearly justifies the number of tourists visiting Chennai to experience the diverse cultural beauty.

Here are some of the reasons why you see more Delhi people on Chennai to Delhi flights than you see southerners.

  1. Attraction by weather:

Save a couple months of hot summers, others are a perfect time to visit Chennai. It’s moderate to pleasant weather makes it fun to explore the city.

  1. 2. Holidays are more in December- guess what so is the fun: Chennai takes over as the cultural capital of India in the months of December and January. These are the best months to visit Chennai if you enjoy the cultural music of the country. Chennai savors the dance forms like classical along with art fests that are showcased in these months. You are accessible to experiencing hundreds of performances, discussion and meet ups.
  2. Traveling to Chennai: Traveling to Chennai isn’t the tough part. There are many direct trains from different cities in India. Although the travel time is much more in trains than it is in flights. But they are a lot more affordable. Although you can also cut some price off the airfare if you book a return ticket, i.e., for instance, you’re flying from Delhi, then return ticket would be both Delhi to Chennai flight and then back from Chennai to Delhi flight.
  3. Cinema is another experience: Rajnikant is a superstar and chennaites treat him like their GOD. Therefore, if you want to hit a nearby theatre and catch on any of Rajinikanth’s movie, be ready to witness some real fan following. In less than 150 bucks, you can get in-between meals along with the movie tickets on super comfortable seats.,
  4. 5. Do the marina thing: If you did not already know, Marina is the longest urban beach in India and second largest in the world. It spreads over a stretch of 13 kilometers. Go there for a long morning run or an evening stroll. Don’t miss out on savouring corn on the cob peppered with chili powder and lime, bhajji and fried fish.
  1. Coffee is taken seriously here: Coffee is an integral part of the culture in South India. We are aware of that, aren’t we? But filter coffee, aka, Kaapi is a must try if you visit Chennai. It can be particularly emphasized on trying degree coffee for some variety, it comes from a small place outside Chennai known as Kumbakonam. This coffee is available all over Chennai in franchisees, which brew the cup to perfection. The strong concoction added to the frothy cow’s milk is a delight for any coffee lover.
  1. Smell the flowers: Chennai being the temple urban, you will find beautiful flowers almost everywhere, especially outside temples. Also, it is a tradition for women to dress their hair with flower garlands. It just ups your style quotient instantly and you would feel you belong there.

It is hard to find cities like Chennai that still hold on to their culture and heritage, and yet move with the changing times. And the charm of this city increases manifold when you are visiting a fast-paced city life. You will agree once you have made that trip. But remember to notice while you’re on that Chennai to Delhi flight, if you see more of the northerners or southerners . This way you would know there are more people like you exploring the rich culture of Chennai. Does not make any sense Of course there will be more people from Delhi because you are talking about Chennai to Delhi flights. Please re-read With more holidays in December, the fun multiplies.

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