Order Hygienic Food During Train Journey

Order Hygienic Food During Train Journey

A question arises in the mind of people who travel by train and order food during their journey that which ecatering service is the best. The person finds the answer to this question on the feedback given by the passengers on the online websites. There are chances when a service provider fails to deliver the food. This is not the fault of the service provider that takes your order on their websites. They don’t have their outlets on the stations that would make their job easy and efficient.

The job of delivery of food is rested on the shoulders of the local vendors or restaurants. Their work is very tough as the train keeps changing its position from time to time. These vendors should have a team of efficient and reliable people who make sure that the order is delivered correctly and to the right person. This job needs perfection. The customers impressed by their delivery prefer to order food from the same e catering service. The e caterer receives his share of profit only if the food is ordered hygienically to the customer.

Then a question comes to mind of the customer that what qualities make these service providers better than the other providers. The answer resides in the following parameters-

The action was taken by the service provider if the food on the train is not hygienic or not delivered on time. A timely action taken by them builds the faith of the customer in the service provider. They should arrange for the delivery of food at the next station if the food is not delivered to the respective station.

Cancellation of food order is fast and the refunded money should reach the wallet of the customer in less time. The terms and conditions of the food cancellation policy are not very rigid and the customer gets the money back quickly.

Indian Railways introduces the policy of mandatory food bills in ...

The provision of hot milk for the babies that is prepared in the hygienic conditions. The milk should be packed properly and delivered at the right time as the child would not be to remain without food.

Pre-ordered food is packed hygienically and is hot at the time delivery. Any complaints regarding the condition of the food that are attended by the service provide efficiently would gain an edge over other service providers.

Providing Food On Train for diabetic patients or patients suffering from any problem at the right time also adds to their customers. The diabetic patients need food to be cooked in less oil and prepared with the utmost care and vigilance.

The authorized delivery person should be well mannered and very vigilant to deliver the food on the correct seat number. They should not enter into any heated conversation with the customer if there is any complaint. They should solve the problem softly and politely.

The service provider should keep in mind that customer satisfaction is their prime concern. The restaurant that tie-up with the service providers should be very careful in providing the food to the customers. They should see that the food is prepared in a hygienic environment keeping in mind the health of the passenger. They confide in them for providing healthy food during the journey so they must keep up to their expectations.


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