How To Tap Into The Dubai Market Easily For Job Related Purposes

How To Tap Into The Dubai Market Easily For Job Related Purposes

Dubai is a job seekers paradise.  Thousands of people land on the shores to find a job of their dreams and only a few of them make it big. To make the process of job search an easy one some tips to follow are below.

Outline your strengths along with weakness

A point that you have to harp about is the competition in the Dubai job market is fairly high so you need to be aware of your strong and weak points. You need to figure out how you are going to suit in a given job role and what would be your aspirations and motivations. Do focus on the experience of your job in your current job along with past ones in the current job application.

Do a proper research on the job market

The market of Dubai is becoming saturated with jobs so a job seeker you need to be spot on with research about the job market. Some companies in this part of the world have preference for locals, Europeans, Asians etc.

Since there is a high supply with a low demand for qualified job seekers the candidates are in a better bargaining position. Before even landing in Dubai 3 to 4 weeks before start off with your job application process. The reason being most of the companies have 2 to 3 week screening period. If you are applying once you reach Dubai you are going to lose down on 20 to 30 days of your visa period. So before you land in Dubai undertake a proper research as things are expected to become a lot easier. Even you can keep an eye on job classified in UAE as employees go on to post direct job openings on this site.

A cover letter along with an online CV

A major chunk of companies churn in considerable research on employees before recruiting them. So as to maximize your chances you need to have a cover letter along with an online CV handy. Make it a point that your CV is updated and loaded on most of the classified site in UAE. Ideally a professional look CV with content details has to be part of your posting. Ensure you incorporate maximum details along with keywords related to your job. By keyword search it becomes easy and you are way ahead of your competition as far as job search is concerned.

Make use of social media

The power of a social media is something hard to ignore. Just you have to formulate a social media page and cash in on the benefits. By becoming members of various professional groups the task of finding a job becomes a lot easier. Of late there is a tendency of companies to hire through social profiles. When you are creating a profile on social media make it a point to include relevant keywords where you are in a better space with the recruiters. At no point you need to enter into a negative space with the recruiters.


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