Learn How to Pick the Right Survey Plugin for Your Business

Learn How to Pick the Right Survey Plugin for Your Business

Finding the Right Survey Plugin for your Business is important as you are going to invest time and effort to set the best survey question and answers. So, you expect the plugin to yield better results and accomplish the set goal.

Due to its Easy to Use Interface that requires no prior Technical Knowledge making it useful for users of various professions and age groups. Over time, WordPress has become the most popular CMS currently and has a huge fan following. Due to its popularity, developers too show a keen interest in making useful WordPress plugins.

Surveys are a cost-effective way of conducting Market Research. There are hundreds of WordPress Survey Plugins on the internet which claim to build the best-performing survey. But in reality, very few end up delivering positive results. And must be used to accomplish your Marketing Goals!

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Tips to Pick the Right Survey Plugin for Your Business

Identify your Requirements

Make a list of your requirements to create an effective survey. Things like the Nature of Survey, Scale of the Survey, Goal to Achieve, Survey Accessibility, etc. so that it becomes easier to find a plugin that perfectly suits your requirements.

Though most of the survey plugins can help you build different types of surveys. Some Plugins are more advanced and offer a lot more features. Quiz and Survey Master is one such plugin that can help you create Multipurpose Surveys with various customization options.

You can create Short Surveys, Long Surveys, Product Surveys, User Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, and a lot more.

Types of Questions

While creating a survey for your business you need to be extra careful in selecting the type of questions and supporting options/answers to justify the asked question.

Your aim is to get honest responses from users without putting them under stress. So, you need to choose the questions wisely you can go with the popular Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Drop Down, and Slider.

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Quiz and Survey Master Plugin has over 15 Question Types for you to create engaging and informative surveys to get honest user responoses.

Set your Budget

Budget is an important factor while searching for WordPress Survey Plugins. Some of the plugins are crazy expensive for the feature they offer. If budget is not a constraint then you are good to go! but what if you don’t want to spend a lot on a WordPress Survey Plugin you should search for less expensive alternatives.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on WordPress Plugins. This is why the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress plugin comes to the rescue, It is the Best Free Survey Plugin that you would find on WordPress. You get to create Unlimited Surveys and Store Unlimited Responses all for free and do much more.

Data Analysis is Crucial

What happens after the user responds to the survey? The stored data should be analyzed with a variety of charts, bar graphs, and box plots to take important decisions and work on future business ideas.

Quiz and Survey Master has a Reporting and Analysis Addon that helps you to display survey data and plot them into Graphs and Pie Charts for better data visualization and decision making.

Easy Email Marketing

Choose a WordPress Survey Plugin that helps you in Email Marketing

With the collected survey data you would want to use it for running Marketing Campaigns and get maximum benefits. Plugins like Quiz and Survey Master is useful as it has 30+ Advanced Addons and Various Third Party Services Integration like Mail Chimp Integration, Mail Poet Integration, Aweber Integration, Active Campaign Integration, Campaign Monitor, Get Response Integration, Drip Integration, and Convert Kit Integration, that can help you in the email marketing process.

Quick Results Exporting

With the Survey Plugin, you also need to make the Survey Results easily exportable in CSV or with Google Sheets to let your teamwork on the data.

With Quiz and Survey Master plugin it is very simple you can easily export your Quiz Data and download for offline use. QSM also has a Google Sheets Addon with which you can directly export the survey data to Google Sheets and let your team work at your behest.

Why use Quiz and Survey Master Plugin?

Quiz and Survey Master-WordPress Plugin

Why we recommend Quiz and Survey Master Plugin for creating business surveys? Quiz and Survey Master is the #1 WordPress Survey Plugin for creating informative and engaging surveys, forms, and quizzes.

Quiz and Survey Master is an easy to use WordPress plugin and lets you start create interesting surveys within minutes of installation. You can allot points/scores to surveys answers and declare the highest scorer at the end while displaying the results.

It is a highly customizable plugin and lets you customize results based on score and send emails to the users after successful survey/quiz completion.

Important Features of Quiz and Survey Master Plugin:

  • Categorize Quiz/Survey Questions
  • Build Time Based Quiz/Survey with a visual timer
  • Build a single page survey with unlimited questions
  • Schedule Quiz/Survey to go LIVE at your specified time
  • Enable User Comments and Give Hints to the user regarding the possible correct answer
  • Draw Questions at random so that every user gets different set of questions that are jumbled up. And, much more…

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Final Verdict

These were some of the important points that you should look for before settling upon a WordPress Survey Plugin for your business. You can go for any other plugin that suits you or you find it interesting!


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