Learn to Graffiti: Some General Guidelines You Need to Know

Learn to Graffiti: Some General Guidelines You Need to Know

Graffiti art includes writing or drawings made on walls or other surfaces. These are usually widespread and acquire a good amount of time in making. The graffiti art is usually executed without permission and always made in the presence of the public. Generally, graffiti art ranges from simple rewritten words to exclusive designs and arts.

These days the flourishing of graffiti art has become a big problem in the various urban cities as the Australian graffiti street artists along with artists from different countries tend to execute it illegally without any permission. With the help of this post, we will discuss all the guidelines and rules associated with graffiti and street artists.

Important guidelines for graffiti and street art 

Mentioned below are the guidelines that are based on the making of graffiti and street art. Let’s have a look at the rules and guidelines in a detailed way.

  • Graffiti art is advertisement based

Graffiti art is generally used to advertise something. The artists executing or practicing graffiti art are not in this career or field for the sake of money. Rather, they seek fame.

  • Graffiti art has a clear structure

Though the art might look distorted and unstructured it still has the proper format which all the artists along with Australian graffiti street artists also follow. The most talented and skilled artists of this field are popularly known as kings.

  • Real graffiti is illegal as the artist never takes the permission of the owners or the locality before making the art. This act of not taking permission or appropriate approval has caused a lot of problems in urban cities where the graffiti artist has been implementing the art in unwanted places and streets.
  • Also, in graffiti art, no artist is allowed to write anything related to religious sanctuaries whether the good or the bad. Any religious terms or aspects are kept out of this art form.

Important terms associated with the graffiti art 

There were various words used in the history of graffiti culture. Not everyone is aware of these. Let’s have a look at some important terms.

  1. Back in the day– if any graffiti art consists of these words. It means the older days of any particular period.
  2. Back to back– back to back is the wall that is pieced end to end from all the way. You can also refer to throw-ups that are exactly one after the other.
  3. Battle– Battle is the term used in graffiti and street-art, culture when 2 artists or writers disagree upon something.


So here is everything about the most important guidelines associated with the flourishing of graffiti and street artists across the world. There are many other terms associated with this art, culture, but here mentioned are the most popular and commonly used these days. These days a lot of different techniques are also used in making spectacular graffiti and street art with modern patterns and colour trends which make them look super amazing.


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