How to Recognize the Quality and True Value of Victorian and Antique Jewelry Online

How to Recognize the Quality and True Value of Victorian and Antique Jewelry Online

Victorian jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry. The Victorian era of jewelry began and ended with Queen Victoria’s reign. Queen Victoria ascended the throne of the United Kingdom in 1837 and died in 1901. These 64 years brought immense change and flourished the Victorian era with high-end precious jewelry.

There were different types of jewelry pieces made during that time. The British Victorian reign was classified into three different parts named the romantic or early Victorian period, the middle Victorian period, and the late Victorian all these three periods consisted of different motives, cuts, gems, and quality of Victorian jewelry.

So now whether you want to sell off your precious jewelry piece or you want to purchase a new Victorian or an antique jewelry piece, let’s have a look at the steps that will help you in determining the cost of these pieces.

Important steps to analyze the value of your Victorian and antique jewelry pieces

 Vintage and antique jewelry that is of no use to you or you don’t love anymore is one of the great ways to make some cash.

Let’s check some of the important steps that will help in analyzing the actual worth of your Victorian and antique jewelry.

  1. Identify your vintage jewelry carefully. You might have either costume jewelry or something in accessories, but if you don’t sure analyze it by experimenting with it. Next, you need to think about where you get it. If you simply picked this ornament from any retail store, then it’s probably not Victorian or antique. But if you have picked it from a flea market or any exhibition then this is true vintage jewelry pieces.
  2. Examine your vintage jewelry pieces. Once you have identified your jewelry piece, now you need to carefully examine the craftsmanship of your ornament. This step is basically to ensure whether the jewelry piece is handmade or machine-made. Then check out for the materials used to create that piece. Also, check for the cuts, clasps, and gems of the jewelry.
  3. Now, look out for this vintage or antique jewelry you own online. Look out for similar photos on the internet. You can also find various estimation tools and calculators that will help you in knowing the exact worth of your jewelry pieces.
  4. Now, at this last step where you need to look out for similar prices on the internet for your jewelry pieces. This way you will get a clear idea about the worth of your jewelry pieces. At this stage, you can easily search for the buyer and quote the final price of your jewelry.


Now, with these super easy steps, you can estimate the worth of your jewelry pieces and sell it off to make some extra cash for yourself. It is very important to understand the exact value and worth of your jewelry so that you know the right price while selling them online.


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