6 Upgrades You Can Do to Your MacBook

6 Upgrades You Can Do to Your MacBook

If you own a MacBook has been using it for a long time now, there’s bound to be a few minor issues that you may have experienced by now. These issues can be, slow loading and long processing time, slow boot-up, and faulty battery. Even if you properly take care of it, the laptop will have issues at some point.

If you still want to keep using your old MacBook, you should find a skilled technician to take care of the problems. In case you don’t have anybody at your disposal, the best way is to search ‘Mac specialist near me’ on Google to find one. Letting them do the upgrades might probably be the smart thing to do. There are many parts of a MacBook that you can upgrade to either make it run the same way as when you bought it or make it perform even better. Below are a few:

  1. Changing HDD to SSD

There are still a few MacBooks out there that have an HDD. What you need to know about an HDD is that it’s an old type of storage device that has mechanical platters. It uses spinning disks to write and read data, which takes up a lot of time. However, an SSD is much faster and lets you boot up your laptop quicker, compared to an HDD. An SSD is also smaller compared to an HDD. Hence, the SSD looks more like a chip than a hard drive.

  1. Replacing Old/Upgrading RAM Storage

If you’re the type of person to open multiple tabs at once, then you might need a RAM upgrade. RAM is the temporary computer storage that allows the stored data to be received and read at a faster rate. And if you want to play video games faster, you should upgrade the RAM. You should get at least an 8GB or 16GB RAM if you don’t want any lag with your video games or programs.

  1. Updating to Latest MacOS Version

Every time there is an update from Apple, there are chances that some features on the previous OS may be disabled. And sometimes, these updating process can take hours or even days, depending on how fast your internet connection is. If you want to get the update done right away, find a Mac specialist who can provide upgrading services.

  1. Setting Up Automated Time Machine Backups

If you’re afraid of a virus infecting your MacBook someday, you should set up an automatic Time Machine backup. This lets your Mac keep backups of activities weekly, hourly, monthly, or even yearly, depending on how you set it. You can simply restore it to the last setting that was saved if you encounter any problems like viruses or corrupted programs.

  1. Replacing Wireless Card

A wireless card lets your laptop connect to the WIFI. This, too, can be replaced whenever your technician inspects and notices that the wireless card isn’t functioning properly anymore. There are better, newer models of wireless cards you can buy to replace your old one.

  1. Replacing Old Laptop Batteries

Sometimes, people aren’t aware that they leave their laptops constantly charging even when it’s at full capacity. This can wear out the battery’s lifespan over time. So, if the time comes where the battery isn’t working properly anymore, you can have it replaced with a newer one as well.

It’s a wise choice to turn to a Mac specialist every time you need upgrades done on your MacBook laptop. If you ever need to look for, tech companies that can do the upgrades, just look up ‘Mac specialist near me’ on the internet and you’ll find some trusted ones that have highly experienced technicians who can get the job done.


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