Expert Tips To Prepare For UGC NET 2020 For Aspirants

Expert Tips To Prepare For UGC NET 2020 For Aspirants

National level exams can be stressful when you do not have the right resources to study or a solid plan to follow. UGC NET is one of the exams that aspirants prepare for to get a fruitful position in one of the government colleges or to pursue research. The entire academic curriculum and your dream to become an assistant professor or a NET-qualified researcher will be of no use if you don’t know how to prepare for this exam. Here is what the experts suggest you do.

Tips to prepare for UGC NET 2020

  • Gather your syllabus

This is the stepping stone to your UGC NET preparation. Find the right syllabus from trusted sources. You can either visit the official website or follow the online study portals to get the apt information regarding the syllabus of your subject. Make sure you have noted the topics mentioned in your syllabus.

  • Gathering study material

The next step is to gather the proper study material focusing on the latest syllabus followed by the UGC NET exam board. You will do it manually or get the updated UGC NET Study Material from any online study portals. Check whether every topic has been covered aptly or not in the beginning. If you do not feel confident, you can seek help from your seniors. Always go for the reliable and reputed online material to study for such important exams.

  • Follow a routine

After gathering the right material, you need to segregate your entire day into a fruitful routine. Make sure that you have covered the entire syllabus and have given a similar preference to all the topics. Study all the subjects accordingly by sticking the routine in a disciplined way.

  • Good books

Apart from the study material you have gathered for your preparation, you will need the assistance and knowledge of good books from the reputed publishing houses. You will get a plethora of authors to follow. There are excellent publications in this aspect that guide the students to create a strong platform for NET preparation. Along with the study material, you need such books as the physical source of knowledge.

  • Make your own notes

There is nothing more efficient than your own notes. Once you have gathered the syllabus and the study material accordingly, start making your own notes. It will ensure that you have covered all the subjects and topics in the syllabus perfectly.

The experts always advise aspirants to make notes so that the topics get imbibed in their minds. Only highlighting concepts in the book will not be sufficient. It is the best way to complete a topic properly. You will also be able to remember it for a longer period.

  • Make your own group

Studying in a group can be very fruitful when you have your friends with similar interests and goals. It will help you prepare a competitive ground and deliver the best output in due course of time. Discussing topics with friends also increases your knowledge level to a considerable extent. Make a group with those who are serious about the exam.

  • Teaching someone

You can also teach undergrads to get your syllabus covered. Choose the specific subjects and teach students at the graduate level so that you can study, understand, and repeat the same topics over and over. This will immensely help you to cover the syllabus. Follow this step if you only have time.

  • Check your progress

Register to the online study portals for classroom sessions and mock tests. Once you are done with your preparations, you can appear in the mock exams and check your progress. You will also be able to find out your weaknesses and strengths. Compare your scores with that of the UGC NET Result of the previous years to get an idea of your preparation level. Find out where to work more and overcome the weaknesses.


UGC NET is the most-sought-after exam held nationwide. The aspirants who aim to become a faculty member of government colleges will have to appear in this exam. Once you qualify, you will be eligible for research positions as well. Set your aim high, follow the tips mentioned above, and prepare for the upcoming exams.



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